Senior Care Ministries is a volunteer, Christian, educational organization whose primary purpose is to provide information of special importance to seniors and their adult children. SCM is made up of highly qualified individuals from a variety of professions, including healthcare & caregiving services, law, accounting, and financial services, who offer their time and talents without compensation to present seminars, panels, workshops, and other educational programs focusing on the special needs of older adults.

The volunteers of SCM have decades of experience in providing services to seniors. Participants in the programs will have these professionals available to answer their questions, but will not be obligated to use their services. They will offer any participant a free initial consultation to cover issues that could not be addressed during the presentation.

SCM partners with local churches and organizations to provide programs for seniors and the adult children of aging parents. Each attendee receives valuable information for present and future plans and decisions. They are dedicated to helping all seniors and their families obtain quality care and peace of mind in later years.

Here are some areas we can assist in…